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Whitman Students Reflect on the Past Semester Before Winter Break

Students at Walt Whitman Elementary had the opportunity to look back on the year so far. They talked about their favorite classes, teachers, and clubs.

“I’m in debate,” said Ambrana. “[I’ve been doing it] for a few months. I’m improving my grades. I’m better in my reading, and I scored high in my MAP score. I was reading like a robot, but now I am reading smoothly.”

Ambrana, 5th Grade

Ambrana said she hopes to continue participating in debate at Carver when she moves up to 6th grade next year. Jacari also plans to go to Carver.

“[The school] has high expectations that I want to reach,” she said. “If you don’t try, you won’t make it successful in life.”

Jacari, 5th Grade

Hailenne said she enjoys coming to school to learn so she can eventually go to college.

“We can grow our brain from learning everything our teachers teach us,” she said.

Hailenne, 3rd Grade

Hailenne said her favorite teacher is Ms. Davis.

“She’s a cool teacher. She teaches us how to be respectful,” she said.

“[Ms. Davis] is nice,” added Jah-halla.

Jah-halla, 4th Grade

Jah-halla said her favorite subject is science.

"It’s fun. We do experiments, and we do new things every time we go there. There’s been a lot that’s really cool,” she said.

She said she is looking forward to learning even more when she returns from break. During the time off, Eulalia said she is looking forward to spending time with her family.

“Your family does care about you because you always see food on the table. That’s how you know you family loves you. They buy you clothes all the time. You can hang out with them all the time, watch movies. They probably make you popcorn,” she said.

Eulalia, 5th Grade

Mikah said his favorite part of the past semester was going to STARBASE on a field trip.

“We learned about science, how fast do jets go,” he said.

Mikah, 5th Grade

He said that 5th grade is a mix of easy and hard work.

“I like that I get to learn a lot,” he said.

Jasmarie said her favorite subject is math.

“I’m really good at it,” she said.

Jasmarie, 2nd Grade

Jacari said she is too.

“I’m pretty good at numbers. I just like doing the problems,” she said.

Gracie Mae enjoys art class.

“We get to color. You can make anything,” she said.

Gracie Mae, 3rd Grade

3rd grader Danasia also enjoys art. She is in a youth art alliance called Disrupt Tulsa. They spent a few months learning how to make streetwear and got to design their own hoodie.

“I love school because I get to get my education,” she said. “I have many friends here.”

Danasia, 3rd Grade

Pre-K student Mikaela is also finding a lot to love about Whitman Elementary.

“I love my teacher and my friend, Sara, and these books,” she said. “I learn about snapping. I like writing and running and sliding.”

Sara and Mikaela, Pre-K

While the pre-k students fine-tune their motor skills, 5th grader Ambrana is learning history.

“I like to learn about the Native Americans because they did a lot for us and black history,” she said.

Ambrana said the staff at Whitman makes her feel like she belongs. Gracie Mae agrees.

“They are nice. I like the teachers. They do fun activities,” she said.

Now, the students are wrapping up the last week before they enjoy the holiday break. Fortunately, they have a lot to look forward to when they return to Whitman in the new year. To learn more about the school, click here.